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Hi! My name is Jose Gamo. I'm an actor, sometime director, and private, professional educator based in NYC. 


My perspective is brown, millennial, and international. I am a Filipino from Indonesia: born to Filipino parents and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I moved to the United States to pursue a career in performance and am a graduate of the Fordham University Theater program.

I am drawn to performance that is electric and rhythmic in body and text. I am drawn to performance that is joyful and aggravating.  I believe in radical inclusion and collective action. I have an affinity for Kendrick Lamar, Olivia Rodrigo, and Shakespeare.


In my free time, I play A LOT of games. Mostly on my Nintendo Switch and PS4 [highlights: Hollow Knight and Elden Ring], but also board games [highlights: Spirit Island by R. Eric Reuss and Fall of Magic by Ross Cowman, Doug Keith, and Taylor Dow] and role-playing games [highlights: Beam Saber  by Austin Ramsay and Glitter Hearts by Greg Leatherman].

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